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The world is overrun by a force far greater than yourself, magic. It’s everywhere, you begin to study it, understand it as it ebbs through every inch of your body. The mystical creatures lurking at the ends of the Earth begin to broaden their horizon. Night time arrives, and with it an evil like you have never seen before… How will you survive?

Journey into a procedurally generated 2D pixel-driven world with nothing but your own two hands, a drive to endure and a natural gift for the mystical arts. Using your basic instincts and the guidance of your in-game Compendium, it is up to you to unravel the endless secrets of the Arcane.


Arcane features a wide range of gameplay elements from several game genres, including RPG, Survival and Adventure. The primary focus of the game is the Adventurer's progression in the ancient arts of sorcery. Choose from a variety of magic practices, establish a base, combat monsters, craft items and survive the lands of Arcane.

Fight, craft and explore your way through Arcane, find out what secrets lie beyond the surface...


Journey through a vast range of unique landscapes in the world of Arcane. Whether that be in the hunt for materials, or simply just soaking in the view, each environment is home to its own creatures, resources, and beauty.

More to come! :D


Tidal Games is an independent video game development and design company based in Townsville, Australia. Tidal Games has been operating since 2016 and is currently working on the upcoming adventure/survival game - Arcane.

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